CLRC 2016

Coherent Laser Radar Conference


The 18th conference on coherent laser radar technology and applications is the latest in a series beginning in 1980 that provides a forum for exchange of information on recent events, current status, and future directions of coherent laser radar (coherent lidar) technology and applications.

This conference was founded by Mr. Milton Huffaker, founder and CEO of Coherent Technologies, Inc. After leaving Coherent Technologies, Mr. Huffaker founded and became the CEO of  Coherent Investments Inc.

The conference serves as a biannual forum for the exchange of current and future developments within the field of coherent laser radar and wind lidar including direct detection wind lidar. It is intended that the meeting will highlight recent advancements in the field, including component technology and instrumentation, systems (surface, airborne, and space-based), measurements and processing techniques, and emerging requirements for coherent laser radar applications in studies of atmospheric, ocean, surface and target properties.